This here is a really nice piece my good friend Birdie wrote a couple of years ago.  Besides being one of my favorite humans, she is also one of my favorite musicians.  Her music has a quality of holding grief and joy at the same time.  It's really something special.

I met her and Todd in Bethlehem, PA in 2008, and I find it so easy to maintain the friendship over time and space because it is pure joy.  Last summer when Eight Belles did a little eastern jaunt, Jessi and I played in Birdie and Todd's backyard in Philadelphia.  Our set was followed by Bird's friends, and finally by she and her band.  I watched her living room performance from the stairwell, more than half drunk, watching friends swaying, babies swaying, babies crying, me crying (a little profusely), hearing lyrics I already knew well, as if they were newly crafted just to say to me: "I understand".  It was one of the greatest nights.

I took a photo.