Here are some links to recordings that I've been privileged to be a part of.

songs with Annie Bacon:

“Gallatin Pike”

“But There is a Thought”

a record I made:


albums with Eight Belles:

"Eight Belles"

"Girls Underground"

albums with Will Stenberg:


"Resurrection Coast"

“Ero & Error”

album with Virgil Shaw:

"New Mid City"

Leakey Foundation Podcast w/ Meredith Johnson):

"Being A Nice Animal"

albums with The Spindles:

"Picture in Picture"

"The Enclosed IPO"

albums with The Chelsea Set:

"The Chelsea Set"

songs with Emily Jane White:

"The Cliff"

"Broken Words"

"Red Dress"

"The Country Life"

songs with Castanets:


"No Trouble"

"Dance Dance"